intentional ceremonial incense is like a fragrant hymn to the universe …the catalyst of self-reflection & personal growth


“transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary”


Enter the sacred realm of Incense, where ancient rituals intertwine with intentional aspirations. Our thoughtfully curated selection embodies the essence of vedic tradition, blending sacred herbs and resins to create a transformative experience. Each ingredient is chosen with utmost care and respect, ensuring a journey that ignites your inner spirit.

Whether you seek clarity, purification, or a profound connection to the universe, our incense is crafted to elevate your spiritual path. Embrace the conscious mystique, ignite your inner flame, and allow the fragrant tendrils of incense to guide you towards moments of introspection and serenity. Welcome to the empowering journey of Ceremonial Incense. – Martyne Vekkiarellas, FOUNDER

Ceremonial Incense

Ceremonial Incense

Celestial Thyme Incense…Life Changing Ceremonial Incense 

Axis of tradition with positive intent. Our handcrafted loose incense rituals will be an oasis for you and your loved ones. Feel free to enjoy the creations of this world and we trust you feel connected to all year long with the Celestial Thyme Limited Edition Life Changing Subscription series.