NEW Arrivals  !

NEW! arrivals 

New Arrivals : Sustainable Resin Apothecary  

Sourcing only certified organic, wildcrafted or from small sustainable farms.

🜄 We follow the highest manufacturing standards with wildcrafting passion!

Celestial Thyme is a family owned and operated business. Our creations are made in Australia, with certified organic herbs and wild harvested plants in a vegan and gluten free dispensary. All our goods are crafted in micro batches and free of fillers, binders or flow agents. 


🜃 Handcrafted under the Highest Manufacturing Standards

Professionally handcrafted each product in our dispenser that is vegan, gluten free, FDA registered and GMP certified.


🜁 Ethically and Sustainably Harvested Ingredients Transformed into Magic

We source certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients from small and ethical farms to craft our potent goods.


🜂 Crafted from my heart to yours in our Sydney Apothecary Dispenser

Rooted in Family Traditions, Every Offering Handcrafted In-House by an Ayurvedic nutritional coach, a Pancakarma therapist and ritual artist. With my herbalist training, ability to research, knowledge of chemistry, awareness of the use of holistic medicine, and personal experience—along with designing and producing over a dozen of successful Boswellic Acid based products, helping others to use wholistic care successfully and receiving their testimonials; natural resinology the one chose me. Life has wonderful ways of bringing you flowers, and Celestial Thyme has been that kind of unexpected gift for me.