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Tis’ the summer season Blossoms! Hope you are all finding a moment of self-care and reflection while the energy just keeps amplified. Do you feel it? Well. This new moon in Sagittarius might brings us the most wanted relief to deep breath and let go. If you are still feeling restless, overwhelmed or electrified it is thyme to unwind. Light your incense, dance with the most unique experience of YOU and cherish the intoxicating golden shimmer of peace and calm in the name of our ritual facial serum; infused with frankincense Boswealic extract, damask rose and marigold.

I am assuming you already got the mood going?




As you wish this absolutely magnificent Sagittarius new moon is ruled by Jupiter – the god of abundance and good tidings – this auspicious moment can be the start of wonderful gifts and new beginnings for you that will extend all the way into April 2023 and beyond.

The challenge we sometimes face is that we don’t always recognise the gifts that are being presented to us. We have learned to always look only externally. Our duty is to cultivate our ability to see them when they come our way, so we can allow ourselves to receive all of that goodness. Can easily have a tangible one…


Have you ever wondered why exactly it is, that an aromatic remedy may work great for you, but not for your friend?

This is because every person is incredibly unique, and so is every plant. Two people could use the same plant and have a different response, because plants, like people, have distinct personalities and energetics – each one of us will connect in a different way with all botanical beings.


Plants are living, conscious beings, and how we relate to them will depend on the energetic makeup present within us. The qualities of plants can be revealed through taste, morphology, actions or bodily affinities, the environment in which they grow, color, and smell. In a person, there are many ways to observe qualities, through questioning, sight and touch (ie. the pulse). It is important to observe the whole person and the whole plant in order to fully understand what kind of relationship may unfold between them.




We have curated a selection of goodies for your special petals, or YOU?


We can not repeat ourselves enough how important it is to take a moment, smile and being an open hearted caring compassionate wo/men daily, but especially during the season of the holiday!

A smile, a kind word, a simple gesture can make someones day extra special. We can not wait to share with you our wish and how Celestial Thyme will be making a difference through this special time of the year.


If you are still here, thank you. You mean a world to us. All year long we work to preserve wildcrafted natural resin. We use over 48 types of indigenous resins wild harvested by native groups in Central and North Africa, India and far beyond! Your support continues to make a different and allow this tribes to stay independent and empowered.


You could buy your incense anywhere, but when you choose Celestial Thyme, you are ensured lavishness, splendor, sincerity, a caring operational environment, organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown botanicals with a positive intent.


Thank you so much for giving us a chance to share what a pure incense has to offer. – a priceless and unique gift that will continue giving for years to come.

It delivers sweet woods draped with licorice, notes of caramel perfumed Artemesia and the ocean. This is an exotic and bewitching incense resin on different levels.


To reflect the nostalgic Aussie Christmas mood we created to carry or start some new traditions….

Australian Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an amazing aromatic plant which has a cooling effect on the mind and body. It has an affinity for the nervous, reproductive and circulatory systems. Because Sandalwood is bitter, cooling and astringent in quality, it can have an amazing effect on various heat-related issues such as cystitis, dermatitis, and bronchitis.


Jasmine flowers are particularly calming. They are bitter, astringent and pungent, but can have a cooling effect. Jasmine can be used for headaches, skin conditions such as dermatitis or sunstroke, and be helpful in strengthening the lymphatic system. Jasmine has traditionally also been paired with Sandalwood, and in Ayurveda, is said to awaken love, compassion, psychic qualities and expand the state of the mind.

Yellow Lotus

Lotus has a calming, cooling, stabilizing quality for the mind and body. When used aromatically, it can ease the mobile, rough qualities that can unfold when our minds become busy. Also must be mentioned as a cardiac tonic and have a way of opening the heart – like a bright, beautiful, brilliant Lotus flower!

Ayurveda relates Lotus to Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, and is said to help with devotion and spiritual growth . Lotus relaxes the mind and can bring pleasant dreams.


Holy Basil is sacred in India and is said to expand the heart and mind and unfold clarity, love and compassion within a person.



Frankincense Elongata

Ruled astrologically by the Sun, all Frankincense are anti-inflammatory, calming to the mind and spirit and aid in meditation and spiritual work.


Ruled by the Moon astrologically, the fragrance of Commipgora Erythraea reminds me of the ocean and Aphrodite, whose name means “Risen from the froth of the sea”. I call this Myrrh the Goddess resin and Aphrodite’s Myrrh. Adding an extra level of luxe by delivering sweet woods draped with licorice, notes of caramel perfumed Artemesia and the ocean.

And much more …