empowering self-care & enriching soul-care


empowering soulful selfcare

In just 30 minutes, this soft and sacred ritual nourishes your body, mind, and spirit, reminding you of your inherent beauty and strength as a woman.

As it is, my body is deserving of love and respect, sacred in its entirety. I am a wellspring of strength, not of insecurity or shame.

I am aligning myself with my MOST AUTHENTIC SELF.


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empowering self-care ritual

step 1

intentional ceremonial incense


Begin your soulful selfcare by lighting an intentional ceremonial incense. (hint 20 minutes prior starting)

Let the fragrant smoke cleanse the space and set the tone for your journey within.

As you inhale the aromatic swirls, visualise your intentions for the ritual, calling in love, healing, and empowerment.

Affirm softly, “With this incense, I consecrate this sacred space, accepting in positivity and divine blessings.

Autumn Aura Sacred Incense

Resin Radiance Polish

resin radiance polish

step 2

resin radiance polish – zesty kiss

Continue your personal connection of embodiment with a gentle resin radiance polish, applying it to your skin with loving intention from your feet upwards to the torso. Feel the grounding aroma of frankincense anchoring you in the present moment as you exfoliate and purify your skin.

As you massage the scrub into your skin, you can feel the granules working to polish and refine the skin’s texture, creating a revitalising and invigorating sensation.With each buffing motion, release any doubts or fears, knowing that you are worthy of all the blessings the universe has to offer.

Step 2

native bloom soak

Next, immerse yourself in a warm bath infused with Native Bloom Soak.

Allow the fragrant blooms to envelop you in their soft embrace, washing away any lingering tension or negativity. As you soak, visualise the healing energy of the water and blooms infusing every cell of your body, restoring balance and harmony.

Affirm gently,

“My body is a vessel of sacredness, worthy of love and reverence”

empowering self-care ritual
sacred holding

step 4

sacred womb holding

Conclude your moment of soulcare journey with Sacred Womb Holding. Find a quiet space, cradle your lower abdomen and heart gently, and connect with the divine feminine energy within. Feel the warmth and love emanating from your hands, honouring the sacredness of your womanhood.

Affirm softly,

“I am aligned with my most authentic self, embracing the divine feminine within me.”

empowering self-care ritual

Embrace the power of self-love and self-acceptance as you bask in the gentle glow of femininity and sacredness.

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