Intention Enhancer Tuning Fork Kit {432 Hz 528 Hz}


Intention Enhancer  

magical. sonic. alchemy.

Attune to the Next Level of Sound Healing!

“These tuning forks have many different purposes, but perhaps their greatest ability is to amplify our intentions and helping create a state of Oneness.”  Dr. BK, chiropractor

The potential BENEFITS of these tuning forks include:  

  • Grounding & nourishment to the body, mind & spirit
  • A balanced and calming feeling
  • Clearing and removal of negative energy
  • An accelerated evolution of consciousness
  • Enhanced and amplified intention
  • Manifestation of a state of Oneness
  • An opening of the heart to higher realms of being
The 432 Hz / 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Forks Kit™ INCLUDES:

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Intention Enhancer Manifesting Tuning Fork Kit {432 Hz 528 Hz}

Extraordinary harmony & quantum acoustic alchemy

These two tones come from very different schools of thought, yet when considered together they form an extraordinary quantum acoustic alchemy.


What if the true secret purpose of these unique frequencies is to be sounded together?


What if they have manifested on this planet in order to help unify and evolve our consciousness on both a personal and planetary level? 

432 Hz and 528 Hz The mystique of these two frequencies has captured the imagination of many music lovers and healing arts practitioners.

Bring the alchemical harmony of 432 Hz & 528 Hz into your own life! These tuning forks will enhance your connection with universal sacred sonic energy. Enjoy what may be one of the most extraordinary new vibrational ratios for healing and transformation! 

As I listened to the sounds of these tuning forks, I experienced them creating a portal to higher dimensions of being.  I experienced my spirit soaring!  At the same time, I felt them clearing and removing negative energy.”  JM, psychic & healer

TIPS on How To Use The 432 Hz / 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Forks Kit™

Benefits of The 432 Hz / 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Forks Kit™