sacred holding – womb boundary & protection


sacred holding – womb boundary & protection

Memoirs of the Sacred Holding is a Womb Boundary and protection. A salve that nurtures the womb’s well-being, offering relief for tensions nestled within this creative energy centre.

It provides solace for cramping, grief, and fortifying the uterus. Tailored for moon time, offering steadfast support before and during menstruation, for moments of loss, heavy periods, and during the postpartum period. Some of these botanical allies have been carefully selected to provide aid during challenging times, including threatened miscarriage (always seeking additional support from knowledgeable practitioners).

This harmonious combination not only addresses physical discomfort but also extends emotional and spiritual support, recognising the interconnectedness of all aspects of our being. It attends to the physical well-being of the uterus, while also nurturing the energetic creative centres and pelvic bowls.

Many of the botanicals within this blend work synergistically to alleviate tension and pain held within the womb, promoting release and ease. They may offer relief for menstrual cramps or the discomfort associated with pregnancy loss, alongside the emotional tenderness, irritability, or grief often experienced during bleeding.

However, this blend isn’t limited to specific windows of time but can be embraced at any moment as a tonic. It contributes to balanced blood flow, fortifies the uterus, and gently uplifts the spirit while supporting overall mood.


sacred holding – womb boundary & protection


HOW TO USE SACRED HOLDING: Apply as needed to areas of pain/tension, for healing bruises or minor skin eruptions. For energetic protection, apply to areas that feel more vulnerable. May be worked with in Ritual for strengthening solar energies, blood, solar plexus & sacral/womb/heart energy centres.



Organic: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Galbanum, St.John’s Wort, Red raspberry leaf, Moringa, Shatavari, Chasteberry, Hypericum, Wild Yam, Yarrow, Cinnamon, Boswealic Acid, Shatavari, Calendula.

All Ingredients sourced Wildcrafted.



Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit or lie down in a relaxed position.

Close your eyes and deep inhale to your core, allowing yourself to sink into a state of calm and inner peace. Take a moment to connect with your womb space, placing one hand over your lower abdomen and the other over your heart. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your breath, grounding you in the present moment.

Next, take a small amount of the sacred holding womb boundary salve onto your fingertips and gently massage it into your lower abdomen in clockwise circular motions. As you do so, visualise a warm and protective cocoon forming around your womb space, creating a safe and nurturing boundary. Allow the soothing aroma of the salve to envelop you, filling you with a sense of peace and serenity.


MANTRA: Repeat the following affirmation softly to yourself or out loud:

“My womb is sacred, a sanctuary of divine feminine wisdom and intuition. I honour and respect the boundaries of my womb space, creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing and growth. I trust in the wisdom of my body and the universe, knowing that I am held and supported in every moment. With love and gratitude, I embrace the sacredness of my being.”

Allow the affirmation to resonate deeply within you, infusing your womb space with love, compassion, and empowerment. Take as much time as you need to bask in the energy of the ritual, feeling the gentle embrace of the sacred holding womb boundary salve and the affirmation guiding you back to your inner truth and strength.