The Everyday Ritual Platter

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THE EVERYDAY RITUAL PLATTER IS FOR THYMES OF – celebration, daily ritual & happy thymes



THE EVERYDAY RITUAL PLATTER IS – An Australian made hand built stoneware ritual platter 



THE EVERYDAY RITUAL PLATTER MAKES YOU FEEL – in peace and calm, without scattered mind & elevated in spirit!



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the everyday ritual platter

Our unique ritual platter have just landed be sure to secure yours now! Limited numbers available. 

I love using these simple stoneware ritual platters for everyday or let’s make special occasions an everyday ritual. I absolutely adore the Everyday Ritual Platter – it’s such a special and one-of-a-kind creation that truly sets the tone for the cozy, homey atmosphere that I always strive for. In fact, these plates have become a beloved and integral part of our daily routine!”

What I love most about these plates is the flatness of the profile. They are so wonderful and flat, with no unnecessary detailing. Their sleek peaceful style just creates instant wow and looks so beautiful displayed on a shelf. They are a weighty plate, which feel solid and artfully made.

I use mine daily for either fruit platters or incense ritual ceremony. “The size of this piece is truly impressive and wonderfully versatile! It’s the perfect plate for anything from a hearty dinner to a scrumptious slice of cake, and can even double as a charming cheeseboard for entertaining guests.”

This one of a kind piece is made in Australia by potter Martyne Vekkiarellas, who also makes our stoneware incense burners and ritual accessories. All of Martyne’s pieces can be collected together as they have a matching glaze to make a set of ceramics for the home.

Her eye for beauty make daily rituals feel special. Martyne hand builds these pieces using high fired stoneware clay. They are glazed on a neutral matt finish on a charcoal clay body.

Approximately 1cm high and 30cm in diameter. Each piece is individually made, so size and markings may vary slightly.

Ideal for a lunch, dinner, fruit, cake plate or even a cheese board and much more. The Everyday Platter is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Zen