SUSTAINABILITY DISCLAIMER : Nurturing Our Connection to Creation

At Celestial Thyme sustainability disclaimer, we embrace a set of inherent values that honour our place among creation. These values include responsibility, reverence, reciprocity, and community. They guide us in every aspect of our work, ensuring that we walk a path of harmony and respect.

In our commitment to sustainability, we take great care in selecting packaging materials that minimise our impact on the environment. We prioritise the use of glass and compostable bags, tags for our offerings. Rest assured that when you indulge in our offerings, you do so knowing that the packaging aligns with our deep reverence for the earth.

We have consciously chosen bamboo for the tops of our dropper bottles and our new offering of up-cycled glassware jars are on the way too!

Together, let us remember to tread gently upon the Earth, mindful of our interconnectedness with all of creation.

Let love guide our actions as we honour our Devine Primordial Mother and cherish the bond we share with all our relations.

Nurturing our connection to the Earth, one sustainable choice at a time.